Granite FAQ's

Check below for some frequently asked questions.
Do you carry Liability insurance?

Yes, we carry a $2,000,000.000 liability policy. This is very important since in most cases we are coming into our customer’s home with over 1 ton of granite. Accidents do happen and you need to know that you are protected.

Are there different qualities of granite?

es, there are grade A and commercial grades of granite. Commercial grades have more fishers and uninformed discolorations. Gage’s uses only grade A granite unless specified by some of our commercial customers.

Are there going to be seams at every angle in my kitchen?

We try to give our customers the cleanest look with the fewest amount of seams possible, even if it means there is more waste involved.

Do you use independent contractors for installations?

No. Everyone involved on your granite project is a Gage’s Granite employee.

Is it true that granite is high maintenance?

No. In reality you will do more to protect the wood furniture in your home over the course of a year than you will granite countertops. You will need to wipe on a sealer once a year and that is it. Please visit our granite care page for more information.

Will I be able to hand choose slabs for my granite project?

Yes. We will meet with you to choose from a wide selection of stones and assist you in choosing the stone that is best for your home.

Can I use marble in my kitchen?

We don’t advise using marble in your kitchen. Unlike granite, marble can be scratched when cutting on it with a knife. Marble is beautiful and is great for bathrooms.

Should I use 2cm or 3cm thickness on my granite countertops?

Using 2cm in the bathrooms are fine but aesthetically they don’t look thick enough in the kitchen. You can laminate an extra piece of granite on the edge but in most cases it would be as or more expensive then using 3cm throughout the kitchen.

Can my cabinets hold the weight of granite?

Granite weighs approximately 20 lbs. per square foot. In reality if you were to stand on your counters you would be putting more weight on them then granite would. Unless you have some water damage that would weaken the cabinets’ structure, they will handle the weight.

Will adding granite countertops increase the value of my home?

Yes. Experts say that what ever improvements you do in your kitchen you will get back at the time you sell your home. Plus in real estate, granite is a “Hot Button” with prospective buyers. Over the last few years we have had numerous customers that have had us install granite in their homes just to sell it.

What is the difference between granite and the man made products such as Silestone, Zodiaq and Caesarstone?

Most of the products have small pieces of granite in them with a resin that holds them together. Remember that cutting on granite will not scratch it but it can scratch resins. In most cases these products cost more then granite and don’t the character and beauty that natural stone has.

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