After a few years in our home, we were finally ready to tackle our outdated 1980s kitchen. With our little two-year old running around the house, we knew this was not going to be easy. After searching around on the internet, we called Gage’s Granite and spoke with Mike Krupa.

We first met with Mike at the granite warehouse to help narrow down the countertop selection. The only thing we knew is that we wanted a “French Country look” to go with our textured walls. Mike knew right away that what we wanted was Crema Marfil marble. But overwhelmed with all the choices and unsure about using marble in the kitchen, we felt we needed to see it all before we could decide. We searched down seemingly endless isles of granite at several Dallas warehouses, waded through literally thousands of photos on the granite supplier’s websites, and researched various engineered countertop options.

We asked Mike to check on dozens of granite selections, provide estimates, and we met several times to see and discuss different options. Every time Mike would say, “Ya know, I think what you guys really want is Crema Marfil.” But we were afraid that we would stain it and ruin it. So Mike offered to let us take home a large tile of Crema Marfil marble to try out at home. We applied a natural stone sealer that Mike gave us, and let it cure for a day. Then we put it through the ringer. We poured on the usual suspects— coffee grounds, red wine, blueberry jam, coke, balsamic vinegar, anything that might stain it. We let it set on there for at least 3 or 4 days.

When we wiped off the tile, nothing happened. No stains! The finish on the polished tile was etched in some areas, but since our countertop would be done with the “honed” matte finish, the etching would not show anyway. So after months of searching, debating, testing, we called Mike and said, “We want the Crema Marfil!”

Mike also helped us pick out a beautiful copper sink and suggested oil rubbed bronze faucet to complete the French Country look. When he said, “I think what you want is the Andean Cream travertine backsplash,” we completely trusted him. I told my husband, “Mike knows what we want before we know what we want.” He knows what looks right together, he even advised us on paint colors for the walls and cabinets, which was above and beyond.

Mike helped us so much throughout the process, and the success of the kitchen is due in a large part to his creativity, keen sense of aesthetics, and confidence in helping us make the right choices. Remodeling a kitchen is quite an investment of time, labor, and money and you don’t want to have any regrets when the job is done. I am happy to say that we have no regrets, in fact we would do it all over again exactly the same, and we will if we ever move to another house.

We would highly recommend Gage’s Granite and especially Mike Krupa to all our friends and family who are considering a remodeling project. You can trust him to lead you down the right path and help you make the best choices along the way.

-David and Gabrielle Katz