Featuring: Ben and Shirl Benton

Hi Mike,

I’d like to write this letter to your potential new customers!

I am delighted to be able to share a little of my experience with Gage’s Granite and with Mike Krupa. When my husband and I decided to put granite in our kitchen I knew that it would be a stressful job. After all, you only do this once and live with it for the rest of your life! Like it or not, I knew that it was “on me” to decide what granite we should use as my husband has always left the decorating to me.

So, I began looking on the internet for a fabricator and found Gage’s Granite. I liked their website and contacted Mike first by email. After sending him some dimensions on graph paper supplied by his website, he gave me a preliminary estimate, which by the way, was less than with a competitor who I had first contacted but who I felt was not interested in MY concerns.

I had already gone to several granite places with a cabinet drawer to try to find granite and soon discovered that making this decision was almost overwhelming for me because of the many choices available. But Mike OFFERED to meet me at a granite place and soon put my mind at ease. He helped me see that the granite that I thought would be good, but was so unsure about, was really a good choice and then he also helped me pick the backsplash which was perfect too. And he actually offered to go with me to another granite store if I wanted to look some more! Now THAT is true customer service!!!

From the beginning experience with Mike on line, at the granite store, through the installation and completion of the job, Mike was there to handle any problems, put me at ease and answer any concerns. The finished product is just BEAUTIFUL and we are very pleased!!

If you are looking for someone who is totally professional, a truly sincere Christian who cares about making sure that YOU, the customer, will be happy when the job is done, then Mike Krupa at Gage’s Granite is the right person to call!

This type of service requires professionals who are willing to really help and offer their expertise as well as support. You went above and beyond for us and have truly been a Godsend. Thank you Mike!!!

Ben and Shirl Benton