Top 5 Reasons to choose Granite over other materials for your countertops.

Granite is beautiful

The transformation is astounding. One area of most homes that desperately need updating is the kitchen. by simply changing the countertops and backsplash you can achieve the elegance and warmth that takes your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

Granite is scratch resistant

Being able to prepare meals on your countertops without the threat o f scratching them is the ultimate countertop….Granite!

Granite is heat resistant

You can place hot pots from your stove and hot pans from your oven directly on your granite countertops with no worry of scorching them.

Granite is an investment well spent

The number one area of your home that you can invest in with the highest return on your investment is your kitchen.

Granite is simply appealing

Many home sellers are putting granite in their homes so that they can sell them. Kitchens sell homes and if they are not up to date it leaves a majo r obstacle in a potential home buyers eye. Even if it may be a few years before you are going to sell your home you may as well update your kitchen with granite countertops and enjoy them until you do sell the home. It’s better than updating them for someone else to enjoy.