Granite Edge Types

The finishing touch for your granite countertop is the edge detail.

Standard Edge Types

Square Granite Edge
Flat Polish
Demi Bullnose
Full Bullnose

Premium Granite Edges

French Cove
Triple Pencil

The finishing touch for your granite countertop is the edge detail.

There are a variety of granite edge types. Choosing an edge style to finish off your granite project is one of personal preference and dependent on the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

Popular Single Thickness Granite Edge Styles

Single thickness granite edges are same thickness as the natural stone, usually 1 1/4” (3cm). Single thickness edge styles work well where the marble or granite is placed on a surface without a sub-top.

Laminated Granite Edge Styles

A laminated edge neatly covers the sub-top the natural stone is placed on. A laminated edge has at least one narrow strip of matching natural stone laminated to the edge of the main stone. Gages Granite craftsmen carefully match the vein and grain of the pieces so the edge will appear to be one solid stone.

Custom Laminated Granite Edge Styles

There are practically unlimited design possibilities for laminated edges. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us today to inquire about a custom granite edge.

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